My secret self

Why do I feel like I’m a different person?

When I see the mirror, when I dance while closing my eyes, when I work, when I spend time with my love, when I am with families, and when I’m alone I feel like I am a different person. Do you guys feel that way too?

Everytime i try to escape the reality, I built a new self inside me and I take shelter in it. But once it’s close to being revealed or gets bored, I come out of it to see if the reality has changed. But the moment I realize it became worse I end up building a new self to hide myself. But how long can I do it? What if someone enters this inner self of mine? Fear starts to built thought it has nothing to do with others. Though the inner self is built with good things and good thoughts to escape the bad things of reality, what’s hidden will always be a bad reflection to the world.

The inner peace that is gained by creating an inner self is only a fantasy that reality can’t perceive. But the real self alone knows its real worth. After all in the end God holds our self, And all I care about is to keep my inner self clean so that he can stay with me tr. ūüíĖ581699_548281505221127_869268388_n



Facts leave no room for possibilities. Faith occurs only if possibilities are nil. But the world we live it is filled with facts and possibilities.

How do we learn to put faith in God when the world looks for facts and possibilities?

Why do we get rejected by the world when we try to live by faith and not by sight?

The truth that I learned from the people of the world I lived with is that,

  • they say they are faithful, but they want facts to be true.¬†
  • They say they have faith in God, but they look for things where the possibility of success is¬† high.
  • They think God want us to have the best, but then why did you choose what’s best for you on your own?
  • They think they know what a better life looks like when they don’t know if they’ll be alive tomorrow.

If money and fame is what we look for, then facts and possibilities is what we seek for. If suffering and pain fills our path, then faith is all we look for.

¬†Above all in these last days, if you learn to live on faith and not by sight then this world’s gonna reject us badly and push us hardly. Still I choose FAITH. Cos if the creater has created this world and the people in it, why should I fear them. I’ll rather have fear of the Lord.¬†

Title’s Tale

To gain a title I’m fighting soo hard,

But not many people could see it, soo sad.

They think it’s easy and comfy and sly,

All I can see is the sweat and tears near by.

I travel so far to find a way in my life, 

Yet you stayedby, teasing as my days go by. 



Road to remember (Iceland)


IMG_4193.jpgThe journey on this road is worth remembering than the thousands scenarios that passed by. The endless road with bumpy rocks, was just not enough to take us back. The memories of life within this road was just a story i am dying to tell..


Long road with sun as guide, tired life with God as shield..

Soft rocks beneath the hard, emotive mind within the smile..

Melting ice high up the hills, tempting trials yet i’m so still..

Found a plane buried in mud, seasons passed yet people came..

I got lost endless times, but now i know God I was so lame..


Smile within a mile..

Image result for girl optimisticNo matter how hard I think i cannot find the reason why people like me first when I am silent and then, act like they don’t care when I end up starting to care!! I am a person who can survive alone even in a strange city. But once friends started showing some amount of trust in me i end up believing them. But as always in the end i am left alone wondering why do i care so much!!

Relationships start with no bias and end up cos of bias. I have always dreamed of having friends that i can trust and go out with not just to spend money with, but just to hang out and laugh loud. I end up realizing now that all that people what is either money or beauty. If not, you are gonna be abounded anyway without doubt. people change so easily without any notice. while i stand here wondering how time has flew so fast and i can’t even remember the last time i called you and laughed with u.. God i know that i was never meant to be the brightest star, But till my last breath i will always shine my best for the people who were a part of my life. Every second they spend with me means the world to me.

God I know i am not a teen anymore and soon i’ll be having a family of my own too. please just be with me and help me to smile even when i don’t fell like doing so. help me to lead my child in a way that you would want me to and please remind me always to never feel low of myself and take courage and stand up for your word in everything that i do. Also be with my love and help him find your true love and not stick to the love of the world and the people in it. for we all will fail but your love will never fade Lord.

Random talks of a mid 20’s Girl..

Related imagewhen I was in school I rarely know what the world holds or how the people differed depending on the place and priority.

When i entered college I refused to pay attention to the changing world that passed me by and tempted me. I Thought that this world that i’m aware of is more than a challenge in terms of survival within the society.

Now that i’m in my mid 20’s I’m not sure if i missed a lot of the unknown world or did I survive because i was unknown.¬† God how come everything becomes more confusing¬† immediately after I felt that I’m kind of finding something?

The differences in the status, power, education, culture, tradition, style, conversation, attitude etc are just unbelievably shocking. I don’t know if i should be happy or sad at times cos life is indeed not better at times. God I know i’m not a perfect person but please make me do things that will makes others look perfect. I know that I don’t deserve any of your love but, still you loved me no matter how i turned out to be and that is more than enough for me to hold on to this unknown life with a temporary smile on my face. God before you make me a responsible person please help me find myself in your love and help to forget all that i wanna forget.

“Smile for its good for yourself, don’t smile for others to see yourself”

My Iceland trip (wonderland)

If you ever wondered how earth would have been when God made it before people start exploiting it, think of Iceland. I never imagined a place like that will exist even if I imagined. Spectacular mountains, fluffy sheeps, pretty horses, chilling climate, breathtaking sunsets, unexpected rains, friendly people, welcoming visitor’s, majestic waterfalls, survival streams and the list goes on…

In the mist of it all the beautiful rainbow that shines brighter than the sunlight is a spectacle to watch. If only the people would have realized its beauty the sooner, I guess we would not have the felling of living in two worlds at a time.

This view made me realize that no matter what I do and where I go, I will end up looking back and say that its only gonna get worser than this. Lets cherish every little second that we got and live life praising God for creating such a world and not wasting time in praising the worldly worthless creations.